The RAD Unconference manifests radical, political, anti-oppressive, inspiring non-monogamy practice through a series of participatory break-out discussions, art, zine creation, community building, fun, and more.  This unconference and community centers the voices, needs, and lives of those practicing Relationship Anarchy; it is NOT intended as educational outreach for those who don’t have lived experience of RA.

Supportive, exclusive, anarchist-centered space is critically needed for folks who are living and practicing RA, and repeatedly compromised by folks who are NOT practicing RA who center outsider questions/needs/experiences/defensiveness/education/apolitical framing of non-monogamy.  This conference is in part a response to those experiences of being de-centered in what is ostensibly RA space. We want a space to connect with other folks with lived experience of RA for community, support, and radical inspiration.

This is not an outward-focused event for explaining, justifying, and defending RA to “others.”  Space will not be made to discuss and focus on polyamory and other general non-mono topics.

Not practicing RA but want to learn more?  The unconference and associated community is not for you, but we encourage you to:

-visit our resources page

-visit the general info and discussion group on Facebook

-visit Kale’s resources and videos which are a great introduction

-find a local non-mono (or even an RA group) neat you (link to meetup); caution: most nonmonogamy has almost no overlap with RA practices and values!

-Go to our local events


 The Unconference is Not “Free”

Free (and low cost by donation) group co-housing is available, as well as free meals throughout the conference. Free transportation within Detroit can also be arranged for those who need it (to/from the airport). This is possible through the mutual aid/support/donations of our small grassroots community, and the support of attendees for one another.

What do we mean by “Free?”  For RAD, we mean we don’t want to set up a compulsory financial contribution (barrier) to access to this event/community/resources.
It doesn’t mean there aren’t costs.  There are huge costs of organizing, including first and foremost: the often undervalued and unacknowledged labor, especially that performed by gender minorities.  Additionally, space, materials, outreach, food, lodging, unpaid time off from folks paid “day jobs,” and much more.

So we want to recognize that the costs of RAD are being subsidized by folks who are contributing.  We hope that those who are willing and able will give as much as they can (financially and otherwise) in order for it to be possible for everyone who needs to access to participate.

No one organizing RAD is making any money off the event; rather to contrary, people are contributing thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of unpaid labor to make this happen.



This is last years schedule that can be used as a reference to what kinds of things might happen in 2020.



  • to keep the conference as financially accessible as possible, free and very low cost cohousing, community meals, and some transportation within Detroit are available

  • elevator to daytime conference spaces

  • quiet rooms available right nearby, and also separate from the conference space

  • quiet private space for meditation, prayer, reflection, available

  • the daytime conference facility and grounds is non-smoking, as well as the cohousing (smoking and vaping allowed outside cohousing)

  • co-housing may not be physically accessible to some (stairs, bathroom facilities limited); please inquire

we welcome your messages about accessibility, please contact us and/or include information in your registration.