Please don’t allow an inability to donate financially to prevent you from attending; you are welcome if you do not donate at this time.

Late Registration 4/01/19 - 4/30/19. Only if space is available/if someone drops out; this is an intimate community experience and will be capped - we receive more registrations than we wish to accommodate. Suggested donation $50-150+

Registering your interest in the unconference is a great first step!  Have you read the about page before submitting this form?

Please note that participation is a process of ongoing mutual discernment that happens in many ways over the next few months -- from registering your interest in attending, discussion in the Facebook RAD group, to communication with organizers; and of course, via your own investigation, practice, study, art, etc.

In other words, registering here does not automatically mean you’ll want to or be welcome to attend in May; consent and participation are ongoing evaluatory processes -- we welcome communication from you.  

Please be thinking about what you will start contributing now (skills, connections, money, time, community building, art, conversation) and throughout the next few months.  Also consider how your participation will inevitably affect the overall event, and other individuals; what will you center? As with all RA, how will you cultivate an awareness of, and act on, power dynamics between yourself and other unconference folks?

Usually ONE OR TWO sentences in response to each of the questions below is sufficient to start this process; if you want to write (or paste in) or link us to more, please do that.  We may contact you with follow up questions, etc

Registration is free but required for each participant.

no-cost communal housing and meals available


Phone (optional)
Phone (optional)
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Address (optional)
How do you want to co create RAD?
Participation (and registration) is a PROCESS, not a one-time form (and filling out this form doesn’t guarantee a spot); please confirm that you have provided a monitored email address and understand that you will receive critical email updates from us that will require response. If you don’t respond to those contacts, and participate in co-creating the conference in other ways, your registration will be de-prioritized/cancelled to make room for engaged folks that are willing to participate in this decentralized event. *

If this registration form presents a barrier please contact us by phone (leave a voicemail), email, or contact form to discuss other options for getting you registered. 

(313) 279-8127