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Non-Monogamy Unconference Discussion Day

Free and open to all! An Unconference is basically a series of short discussion sessions, according to whatever the people who show up want to talk about (read more below).

Join Metro Detroit Polyamory at i3Detroit Maker Space, a local all-volunteer nonprofit community do-it-yourself workshop. The three i's of "i3" are "Imagine", "Innovate", and "Inspire", which we invite you to apply to your relationships and the many ways to practice them.

More details on the Unconference format:

Pen and sticky notes available for all attendees to post topics they are interested in discussing. As folks stick topics to the dry erase board, the facilitators will group the ones that seem very similar, and label each cluster of topics with a letter of the alphabet.

We also invite folks to offer to teach/facilitate educational sessions; put up a sticky with your name and topic, just like the other topics. Peeps will vote with their feet and participation is optional of course.

Once we've identified topic clusters by a letter, we will ask people to stand in groups under signs for A, B, C. etc. around the room based on which topic they want to discuss that session.

Each group will find tables or lounge areas throughout the i3 Detroit space, and talk about their chosen topic.

Sessions will be *slightly* longer than iteration #1 to allow deeper discussion.

After 30 minutes, the facilitator will call a five minute wrap-up. Then we will have a ten minute bathroom break, and start over with the remaining topics from the dry erase board for another round of discussions (you can then pick again what you want to discuss next!).

There's usually time for 3-4 sessions, attend one or all of the sessions. It's great to arrive by 1pm to get an overview, but you can also come or go anytime during the process if you're willing to just participate without a lot of orientation.


- Many canned soft drinks are provided for 50 cents, bottled soft drinks for $1, and Keurig coffee for free. All on the honor system.

- Everyone is welcome to bring snacks/drinks as desired and consume them on premises.

- i3 Detroit is generously inviting our group to use this space!

Learn more about the i3 Detroit maker space (and the cool people and equipment we will be sharing space with) here: .


Sustainability for the Metro Detroit Poly community includes support for the many costs of hosting and organizing 5-10+ meetups a month. If you can donate at the event to help keep the group running (and help keep our events free), please bring some singles (or $20s) for the jar.

You can also donate online ( to the MDP Meetup any time.

Welcoming to all interested in talking about poly and related nontraditional relationship philosophies/practices, whether you identify as poly, solo poly, RA, ethically non-mono, nontraditional, curious, experienced, inexperienced... all genders, orientations, sexualities, bodies, colors -- please join us.

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