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Relationship Anarchy Discussion Series 2019 - First Saturdays

Today's discussion focus will be: TBD

This event is part of a 2018 series of participatory discussion meetups focusing on Relationship Anarchy, including: exploring personal autonomy, dismantling relationship hierarchies/norms/expectations, egalitarian/empowered relationships practices, addressing power/privilege/oppression in interpersonal relationships and community, ethic/philosophy/politic of relationship.

RA discussion meetups take place on First Saturdays 11-1:30pm and Third Thursdays 7-9pm (attend some or all). Third Thursdays focus on both Solo Poly and RA, and will be "bring your own topic" day; in similar format to PolyTea we will choose anonymous questions/topics from the hat.

We often use breakout groups to facilitate in depth discussion, and sharing of knowledge/experience among peers, especially since some are less comfortable speaking in larger groups.

View all of our upcoming meetups and RSVP (

Welcoming to all interested in talking about Relationship Anarchy, whether you identify as RA, poly, solo, ethically non-mono, nontraditional, curious, experienced, inexperienced... all genders, orientations, sexualities, bodies, all colors -- please join us.

These discussions focus on RA and NOT general poly or newbie questions, but newbies are welcome. If you are new to Relationship Anarchy VIEW THIS VIDEO PRIOR TO ATTENDING.(

Please note that this location has a step up to get into the historic building -- please do contact the organizers if you want to talk about physical accessibility of the space or other accommodation.


Want More? Here is a list of links ( to get you started reading and thinking about RA if you like to dive in (reading all these NOT required).


Consider bringing a few $ingles (or $20s!) -- we will pass the hat to help support the venue. We are super lucky, places willing to host our large, loud, and unusual group are REALLY hard to find.

Sustainability includes community support for the many costs of hosting and organizing a dozen (or more) meetups a month. However, don't let lack of ability to donate be a reason not to come, come participate even if you cannot give at this time!

You can also donate online ( to the Meetup any time.

For location and to RSVP

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