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Owning Our Shit: A Peer Accountability Circle

This is a monthly peer accountability/support group for people who have caused harm to others in their personal relationships and/or communities, particularly people in the polyamorous and Relationship Anarchy communities. This includes consent violations, coercion, emotional abuse, harassment, physical abuse, bullying, and discrimination. The group operates on the premise that we are ALL capable of causing other people harm, and that we are ALL capable of taking responsibility and preventing ourselves from doing it again. We can help each other to face our shit and own it in a safe and confidential space.

This group is about self-improvement, transformation, figuring out how to be accountable, releasing shame, and understanding yourself. This group is NOT about making excuses for harmful behavior, victim-blaming, or shaming others in the group for their harmful behavior.

Although there are people who have organized the group and will guide the structure of each session, there isn’t any centralized leadership. Each participant is responsible for making this group a supportive place to challenge each other’s behavior. We trust participants to uphold the purpose of the group by calling others out who make excuses, practicing compassion and empathy, and giving constructive feedback that can help others change their behavior.

What is said in the meetings is to remain confidential, so that we can foster trusting relationships with each other and feel safe disclosing our shit. What you hear here and who you see here, let it stay here.

Please respect the other attendees, their time, and their disclosure by arriving on time. People will not be permitted to enter after 2:15.

The space in which the meetings are held is not free. Please consider contributing to the donation jar during the meeting, so that we can keep the group functioning in a welcoming and discreet space.

This meeting will take place on the 4th Monday of each month at 2pm.

Feel free to message the organizers with any questions.

Resources about accountability, specifically for consent violations and abuse:

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