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MDP Nonviolent Communication Practice Group (4th Sats)

We will meet monthly to talk about, learning, critique, and practice NVC!

Monthly meeting every 4th Saturday. NVC can definitely be a useful part of a practice of polyamory, or relationship anarchy, so we may also relate our NVC practice back to our relationships. (This workshop is NOT an introduction to polyamory, however, and will focus on NVC mainly -- please check out some of our other meetups for that!)

All are welcome, you do NOT need to be polyamorous or into open relationships to learn with us, but you should be friendly to and open to being around these things/comfortable with others talking about them.

Reading the book is pretty important to understanding NVC, you can read as we go or read it all ahead, can buy the book in print many places, but an introduction (first 35 pages) is also available as a free PDF:

Some additional intro resource links are here:

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