Relationship Anarchy Discussions

This unconference will center the needs, voices, and participation of people applying anarchist principles (anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical, solidarity) to interpersonal relationships. We value queer, authentic, customized, voluntary relating for mutual benefit, and recognize that as part of a larger anarchist project of grassroots community building.

This is a monogamy-critical space.

This is not a space for honoring hierarchical polyamory or any rules-based relationships that rely on entitlement, power and control, limiting autonomy, the couple unit, and prioritizing the relationship escalator over friendship and community.

We recognize the dominant system of monogamism as a patriarchal, heterosexist, cissexist, ethno-nationalist, white supremacist, and capitalist mode of relating to others that creates unnecessary social conflict and isolates people from their communities. We are finding ways to resist that domination, as well as the proliferation of its spin-offs (hierarchical polyamory) and its effects on our communities.

What do the alternatives to systemic monogamism and hierarchical polyamory look like? How do we apply the anarchistic values of anti-authoritarianism, individual autonomy, and community cooperation to all of our relationships? What is the connection between anarchy, friendship, the erotic, sex, love, and family? How do we create a more liberatory future for our communities?

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Make intelligible the movement of history and revolutionary praxis as the only possible love story.

-Clémence X. Clementine and associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang


We care about keeping RAD free so that it’s accessible. We seek to operate in non-capitalist/anti-capitalist modes as much as possible. We are not making money off of RAD. Rather, we want to engage in mutual aid with other people who share anarchist values as a way to build and sustain the unconference for all of us. People are needed to produce art, food, transportation, housing, and planning.

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